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Optical measuring and evaluation system Saw OptiCheck
Our testing and tensioning machines are based on innovative and precise testing technologies. With the optical
measuring and evaluation system Saw OptiCheck, a highly sensitive testing method is provided with which saw
teeth can be quickly and very precisely measured.
The optical image processing and measuring technology can measure up to 25 teeth per second and is thereby
able to identify determined deviances of ±0.01 mm by means of an identification system. Not only the recording of
all relevant measuring data is possible, but also the tolerance adjustment in the areas of tooth placement, tooth
width, tooth angle, form of the cutting edge etc.
A further option of the optical measuring and evaluation system Saw Opti-Check is the dynamic measuring of the
axial run-out and swinging behaviour for the number of revolutions per operation. The different measuring pos-
sibilities can be expanded in different extension steps up to a complete and automatic outline measurement, if
Saw tooth testing with Saw OptiCheck
Tooth by tooth the optical measuring and evaluation system Saw OptiCheck
clarifies the saw blade quality. All tolerance deviances are thereby made
visible at a glance.
With this modern testing procedure the field of application of the MUMTEC
machines can be extended to the testing of the saw teeth. This way you
are practically provided with your own saw blade testing station.
Tolerance compari-
sons in these areas:

Tooth placement

Tooth width

Tooth angle

Cutting edge profile

and lots more ...
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