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MUMTEC. Top technology for manufacturers, service & users
Testing and tensioning machines by MUMTEC considerably contribute to the improvement and assurance of
quality. You will therefore find our machines worldwide where quality is spelled in capital letters and where value
is placed on our innovative technologies.
Our precision machines are predominantely applied in the production or repair of steel cores and circular saw
blades, diamond cutting discs, segmental circular saws, hot and friction circular saws, circular knives and frame
saw blades. Renowned companies of the stone, metal, wood and paper industry rely on our experience and our
know how in terms of quality.

MUMTEC for saw blade manufacturers – quality right from the start
Thanks to our testing and tensioning machines saw blade manufacturers profit from quality assurance according
to ISO 9001 ff. and an optimisation of your product quality. Axial run-out and tension properties become objectively
comprehensible due to numerous visualisation and documentation possibilities. Automated machine processes
also help to reduce the work of the testing staff and the saw leveller. This way your personnel costs will have room
to breathe.

MUMTEC for sharpening centres – highest level reconditioning
But also for service businesses the deployment of MUMTEC machines quickly pays off. Ideal axial run-out and
tension properties, and this in a reproducible and documentable quality, are decisive advantages in competition
that are valued on the customer side.

MMUMTEC for saw businesses – absolute maintenance control
Also larger saw businesses with their own sharpening rooms profit from our machine technologies. They relieve
the strain on the personnel and assure the quality standard in maintenance. The processed saw blades feature
an ideal stability and operating life so that the downtime and set-up time are reduced to a minimum. Under to-
day‘s competitive conditions this is a decisive advantage.
Further fields of application
Our machines have been constructed for the stone, metal and wood
saw industry. They are therefore especially designed for the de-
mands of saw blade manufacturers, service businesses and saw
companies. Our technology is furthermore also applied in the paper
industry for the processing of circular knifes.
Natural stone saw industry
Wood saw industry
Metal saw industry
Further fields of application

Natural stone saw industry
Diamond disc manufacturers and
service centres in the stone
treating and processing branche

Wood saw industry
Manufacturers of circular saw and
frame saw blades, service centres
and sharpening services in the wood
treating and processing branch

Metal saw industry
Manufacturers of metal saw blades,
service centres and sharpening
services in the metal treating and
processing branche
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