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MUMTEC. Engineering for the saw industry
From the beginning we have specialised in the development and construction of precision machines for the saw
industry. We are still concentrating on innovative technologies for testing, tensioning and levelling of circular saw
resp. frame saw blades.
Today our programme comprises of six series with more than 20 different machines. This way we are also able to
offer saw blade manufacturers, service companies and operators not only individual constructions, but also other
solutions from our programme.
Of course, individual constructions are still of great importance to us. Apart from our testing, tensioning and level-
ling machines, we also construct a whole range of customer-specific special machines, such as e.g. machines
for bore processing, handling systems resp. automated feeding, spot welding devices for sandwich saws as well
as surface grinding and bore grinding machines.
Our development work is characterised by innovated engineering. We thereby always try new paths in order to be
able to implement the best possible solution. The previous successful developments, such as for example the
modern testing and tensioning machines of the TTM rsp. TTM - A - Series or the optical measuring and evaluation
system OptiCheck confirm our path.
Our success is however not only based on experience and knowledge. In everyday business life many other fac-
tors play a big part. For us e.g. the company seat in Remscheid – the central location of the German tool industry –
is a considerably important factor. In Remscheid alongside competent specialists, we also have a large number
of suppliers who have specialised in machine and tool construction. It is therefore no coincidence that more saw
blade manufacturers can be found in Remscheid than in any other town in Germany.
Our success depends on these and many other factors and this is finally also contributes to your success. Our
ideals, constructions and developments inure to the benefit of your product quality.
Saw blade power loss
with and without tension regeneration
By means of the application of our rolling and testing technologies it is
not only possible to improve the durability of your saw blades, but also
to achieve a potentially consistent cutting quality during the complete
time of usage. This way you will profit from the reduction of your cut-
ting costs with each cut.
With tension regeneration
Without tension regeneration
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